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Here for your planning pleasure are four printable weekly planner pages, in both A4 and Letter sizes. Let me show you what’s in your download…

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Appointment Page Layouts

Some people like to write their appointments down the page, some across. I’m a down-the-page kind of gal.

Free download weekly planner printable by Busy Life Planners - including 2 appointment page layouts to choose from

Whatever your preference, both of these layouts have a handy extra space within in each day. This is great spot to list things like:

  • Menu plans
  • Exercise
  • Billable hours worked for a client
  • Kids’ schedules
  • The day’s to do’s.

The really nifty thing about this section is it keeps all that extra information out of your appointments. So you can clearly see your appointments at a glance. No more getting lost in a sea of other stuff!

These are two of the 5 layout options available in the Busy Life Planner system. The system comes both with dated and blank versions.

To Do’s, Menu Plans, Gratitudes…and anything else you can think of!

In my Busy Life Planner, I place the appointment pages on the left, and the following ‘journal pages’ on the right. That way, my weekly spread includes both my appointments diary plus pastilla Viagra all the other stuff that I need to pay attention to. I don’t need to flip between planner sections to view everything that’s important to me that week.

Of course, you can pop these pages in your own planner in whatever way you like. And you can even use them as a daily planning page.

Free printable weekly planner by Busy Life Planners - 2 layouts to choose from to record your to dos meal plans gratudes and more

These ‘journal pages’ offer a series of boxes with blank headers, so you can use them in whatever way works for you. Some of my favorite things to record in the blank boxes are:

  • To Do’s – you can have separate lists such as ‘Must Do’ and ‘Nice To Do’, or categories like ‘Personal’ and ‘Business’
  • Weekly goals
  • Shopping list
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Gratitudes
  • Achievements for the week
  • Notes.

There are also sections with Mon-Fri, which are perfect for:

  • Childcare or kids’ schedules
  • Recording exercise, meditation or other habits
  • Menu Plan
  • Billable hours worked.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and you can change the headings every time you use the page.

In the Busy Life Planner system the headers are editable and there are 5 layout options to choose from. Imagine the customization possibilities!!!

So without further ado, here is your free downloadable weekly planner printable…

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