Editable headers are one of the key customization features of The Busy Life Planner system. Here’s how to edit headers.

Editable headers are included in all undated pages in the Busy Life Planner – the journal, or right pages, and the undated appointments pages (read more about how the system works here). Here’s how to edit them.

How To Edit Headers

  1. You’ll need to use the Adobe Reader program in order to edit your headers. This is a free software program, and you can download it for Microsoft Windows here, or for Macintosh computers here.
  2. Open your file named ‘EDITABLE’ with Adobe Reader.
  3. Wherever you see a grey box with the word ‘Header’, you can edit by clicking on it and typing.
  4. If you’d like to leave your header spaces blank, just click on ‘Header’ and then delete. You will still be able to re-type a heading in there later.
  5. Now print your pages as per normal.


You can edit the headers as many times as you like, whenever you feel like a change. Awesome!

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