Printable Menu Planner and Shopping List


Cleverly designed printable menu planners and shopping lists, to make meal planning and shopping a whole lot easier.

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At home: “I don’t know what to cook tonight! There’s nothing in the cupboard…let’s get takeout”

At the shops: “Must remember to buy eggs, …oh, also need cheese, eggs, cookies…haven’t I been down this aisle 3 time already?”

Back at home: “Argh, I forgot the eggs!…and I still have no idea what to cook.”

Cooking and shopping are two tasks that are hard to avoid. But with just a little bit of planning, these never-ending jobs can be made a whole lot easier.

The Menu Planner

This weekly menu planner comes in four versions, so you can choose whether to plan just a little, or a lot.

  • Lunch, dinner & to buy
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner & to buy
  • Meals, shopping list & notes
  • Meals, snacks, cooking schedule & shopping list

Tip: Laminate your planner, stick it on your pantry door and use a whiteboard marker to write on it.

The Shopping List

If your quick trip to the grocery store turns into a marathon of laps, if your shopping list is so long you can’t make head or tail of it…this printable is for you!

Just by categorising your list according to it’s location in the store, your shopping list will become far more manageable, and you’ll save time by visiting each aisle only once.

What’s included:

  • List with pre-filled categories: Fresh; Fridge/Freezer; Pantry; Household; To Do
  • List with blank categories
  • Additional versions which includes space to write your menu plan.

The list-only version prints 3-to-a-page. The version with menu plan prints 2-to-a-page.

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